Two new 1400 TEU ves­sels for 2024

Ellerman City Liners celebrated the steel cutting ceremony for the first of its two new long-term chartered vessels, JL0296 and JL0297. As the world ocean freight logistics continues to evolve, Ellerman City Liners stands at the forefront, poised to deliver excellence in a sustainable manner.

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The­se ves­sels, with a capa­ci­ty of 1400 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equi­va­lent Units), are set to join Eller­man City Liners’ ser­vice net­work in 2024 after a voya­ge from Chi­na to Euro­pe. The impres­si­ve 45′ pal­let wide inta­ke of the­se ships will enhan­ce the company’s car­go hand­ling capa­bi­li­ties, pro­vi­ding cli­ents with even more relia­ble and effi­ci­ent solu­ti­ons for their ship­ping needs.

One of the stand­out fea­tures of the­se ves­sels is their strict adhe­rence to envi­ron­men­tal regu­la­ti­ons. In an era whe­re sus­taina­bi­li­ty is a right­ly a key focus Eller­man City Liners is taking a proac­ti­ve approach to redu­cing its car­bon foot­print. The­se new ves­sels are not only com­pli­ant with cur­rent envi­ron­men­tal regu­la­ti­ons but are also desi­gned to meet future stan­dards, making them a tes­ta­ment to the company’s com­mit­ment to eco-friendly ship­ping practices.

The expec­ted deli­very date for the ves­sels is Octo­ber 2024, and their addi­ti­on to the fleet marks a signi­fi­cant step for­ward for Eller­man City Liners in deli­ve­ring sus­tainable and high-quality oce­an freight services.

Eller­man City Liners empha­sis­ed its com­mit­ment to offe­ring cli­ents sus­tainable, relia­ble, and long-lasting oce­an freight solu­ti­ons. The­se new char­te­red ves­sels reflect the company’s ongo­ing efforts to meet the evol­ving needs of the indus­try while alig­ning with glo­bal sus­taina­bi­li­ty goals.

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