New freight ship beg­ins ser­vice on our Dub­lin – Liver­pool (Bir­ken­head) route

Bore Song, our newest ship, on the Dublin – Liverpool (Birkenhead) route boosts capacity on the route by 30%.

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Our Dublin-Liverpool (Bir­ken­head) dedi­ca­ted freight ser­vice has been ope­ra­tio­nal sin­ce 15th Febru­ary 2024 with cover ships ser­ving cus­to­mers tem­po­r­a­ri­ly whilst we have sear­ched for a longer-term solution.

Bore Song has now ente­red ser­vice on the rou­te. With capa­ci­ty for almost 3,000 lane met­res of freight, the ship pro­vi­des signi­fi­cant­ly more space and is well sui­ted for the demand for unac­com­pa­nied freight on this route.

With the addi­ti­on of the new ves­sel to the Irish Sea fleet, we will now res­to­re capa­ci­ty on the Ross­la­re – Fish­guard and Ross­la­re – Cher­bourg routes.

Bore Song is a wel­co­me addi­ti­on to our fleet and will secu­re our capa­ci­ty on our new unac­com­pa­nied freight rou­te bet­ween Dub­lin and Liver­pool. Our ships and our teams onboard have been fle­xi­ble with cove­ring the rou­te whilst we sear­ched for a longer-term solu­ti­on, and we are deligh­ted to have secu­red the new ves­sel to boost our freight capa­ci­ty and bet­ter ser­ve our cus­to­mers on a key tra­ding rou­te bet­ween Ire­land and Britain.

We are the lar­gest fer­ry ope­ra­tor on the Irish Sea, with the big­gest fleet pro­vi­ding up to 248 weekly sai­lings offe­ring the widest choice of rou­tes inclu­ding com­bi­ned pas­sen­ger and freight ser­vices from Bel­fast to Cairn­ryan; Bel­fast to Liver­pool (Bir­ken­head); Dub­lin to Holy­head; Ross­la­re to Fish­guard and Ross­la­re to Cher­bourg. We also run a dedi­ca­ted freight only rou­te from Bel­fast to Heysham, in addi­ti­on to the new Dub­lin – Liver­pool (Bir­ken­head) service.

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