Inter­mo­dal solu­ti­ons – Rail ser­vice upgrade in Duisburg

CMA CGM reinforced its commitments towards smarter and greener solutions by upgrading its service Rail in Germany to serve the dynamic Ruhr region in Germany in particular Duisburg and vicinity.

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CMA CGM rein­forced its com­mit­ments towards smar­ter and gree­ner solu­ti­ons by upgrading its ser­vice Rail in Ger­ma­ny to ser­ve the dyna­mic Ruhr regi­on in Ger­ma­ny in par­ti­cu­lar Duis­burg and vicinity.


As of July 2023, the pro­duct Duis­burg Express Rail Shut­tle pro­vi­des the fol­lo­wing bene­fits to our customers:

  • Shut­tle train Rot­ter­dam > Duis­burg D3T > Rotterdam
  • 3 weekly depar­tures from/ to RWG, ECT Del­ta / HPH 2 with tran­sit time within 1 day
  • Con­nec­ting with 16 Line ser­vices cove­ring the core regi­ons Asia, Euro­pe, ISC MEG and Americas
  • CO2 savings Rail 3,4 less than truck option


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